About Vroller

Vroller is the Estonian capital based brand company specialised in manufacturing equipment for professional productions factories.

The brand company was founded in 2010 by the leading experts in the field of advertising and electronics. What makes Vroller stand out from analogs is that before the product goes on sale, it is actively pre-tested on real production of advertisment since 1985 on our own facilities, modernised and only after this it is commercially available.

Well establish manufacturing technology ensures that the company fulfils its obligations to customers in the quickest and most accurate manner.

Additionally, we provide comprehensive support to our representatives and customers, including staff training and maintenance package for the duration of the warranty period and afterwards.


Our goal is to provide high quality and competitive products worldwide and to be nr 1 in this segment.

Vroller also manufactures OEM products worldwide.

We would be happy to see you among our customers. We are looking forward to a productive and long-lasting cooperation!

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