Application of Vroller

Vroller products mainly is suitable Signage Bussiness, Tape application, Furniture Workshops, Packaging industry, Traffic Signs industry, POS display productions.


Decals on a hard surface
Self-adhesive material on hard surfaces such as ACP Aluminium Composite Panels, plastic panels, FOREX, Re-Board, Honycomb, Macrolon, Acrylic, Kapa panels, Traffic Sign Panels, Metal panels and other sheet materials.
You can work with materials of up to 70 mm thikness with the assurance of high quality and without bubbles, creases and wrinkles on the surface.

Glass and soft surface
The option of adjusting the pressure of the pressure roller gives excellent results when working with glass or soft panels without the risk of damaging the material.

Large rolled materials
Long banners and other oversized elastic or rolled materials can easily be processed with the Vroller device, as they can be effortlessly spread out on your work desk using special shelves for rolls located on either side of the applicator.

Working with cutting films
The highly convenient equipment configuration helps to ensure that work is easily handled by one person – both a man or a woman. High quality as well as savings in terms of time and labour are guaranteed.

Illuminated work desk, large desk area
The flatbed applicator Vroller can also be used as a convenient work desk when working with translucent films and banners. Large surface area, comfortable shelves, material holders and an illuminated table improve accuracy and control of work and help to achieve excellent results.


Advantages of working with the Vroller products:

  • Made in EUROPE (Estonia Factory)
  • Cost-effectiveness (reduced labour costs, time saving). In most cases, ease of use enables one person to perform the work, which leads to significant savings in time and money.
  • High quality of the final product: a perfectly flat surface with no bubbles, creases or wrinkles.
  • Improving the working conditions for the operator (ergonomic working position).
  • Ease of use (manual delivered with the applicator, which enables the operator to learn to use the device in less than an hour).
  • The device may be equipped with a second carriage with pressure rollers, which allows using one applicator as two work areas.
  • Possibility to work on projects of varying degree of complexity.
  • Stability, reliability and durability.
  • Best price in its class.
  • Quick return on investment. Fast ROI.
  • Full compliance with CE standarts.